T & N Chicago
Your trust is most important to us

Tyrone Talifer, President/CEO


It’s a simple word. But to a business, it’s everything. A reflection of service… the promise of business to come… the key to loyalty. That’s why, at T&N, earning and keeping your trust is our priority. Since we opened in 1984, we have worked to earn the trust of our thousands of governments and corporate customers, enabling them to receive water and power and care for their buildings, inside and out. Our industrial and commercial products are engineered to meet our customers’ specifications… all with guaranteed delivery and competitive pricing. No matter how unique or unusual your needs, T&N will fill your industrial and commercial product requirements.

To accomplish this, we have built a strategic alliance network of manufacturers across the nation, ready to meet your needs and your exact specifications, quickly and cost-effectively. Whatever your needs, chances are T&N can help. We distribute a broad range of products, from air filters to ductile iron water pipes. From generators and electrical distribution and control switchgear to transformers, conduit, wire and cable. From building and grounds maintenance equipment and supplies to office furniture and supplies. Our customers are equally diverse, representing large municipalities, construction contractors, utility providers, manufacturers and more. T&N consists of four main divisions, each specializing in products unique to each market segment. These divisions are the Water Distribution Division, Power Distribution Division, Building and Grounds Division and the combined Commercial and Industrial Supply Division. T&N Chicago, Inc. strives to deliver products to our customers that meet their specifications at a competitive price. And then we do more. We work diligently to instill confidence in T&N that comes from maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail and going beyond the call of duty.


Chicago Minority Supplier/Distributor of The Year Award

Chicago Minority Supplier/Distributor of The Year

T & N Chicago received the Chicago Minority Supplier/Distributor of The Year award from the Minority Enterprise Development Council during the Twentieth Annual Med Week in 2002

Distributor Bill of Rights

T&N Chicago, Inc. received the “Distributor Bill of Rights” as a trusted partner of U.S. Pipe in 2014.

Distributor Bill of Rights Award